The Different Personalities and Wagers in Craps

There are always some things that you should not ever forget about the game of craps. First are the casino employees that are manning the table. Carefully discern the role of each employee on the craps table. You have a craps employee that is place right in the middle of the table. The employee is called the boxman. The main responsibility of the boxman is to direct the course of the entire game and make sure that everything is in the right order. The craps personnel that is seated at the right or left area of the boxman is the dealer in the game. Seated across the boxman is the casino employee that is acting as the stickperson. That employee is easily identified by the long stick that they are holding. The main purpose of the stick is to move the dice around because the employee could not touch the stick while the game is still ongoing to avoid any suspicion that the game is rigged. The second thing that you should always remember in the game of craps is the rules that are usually used in the game. You can probably see at a first glance the ring on the gambling table with the Pass Line area. Just above the Pass Line area is the Do Not Pass Line. These are the 2 wagers on the craps games. Since about ninety-five prevent of the craps players, let us review this part of craps first. The shooter places down a pass line bet. The stickperson in the game now gets a bowl that has five to six craps dice and shoves them with the stick to the player designated as the crapshooter. The shooter then rolls the craps dice to the other side of the table for their first roll. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, they will receive even cash from the game ($30 dollars wager, $30 dollars won in the game). If the shooter gets any other digit other than the number 2, 3 or 12, they will lose their bet. There are about 36 ways to achieve that combination and there are 8 probable ways to achieve to get the seventh digits and eleventh digit in contrast with getting the 2, 3 or even the twelve number. There are about twenty-four ways to get the numbers 4, 5, 6 and others. These will be designated as the point numbers. During the first throw of the dice, the crapshooter must get one of these numbers before the number seven in order to receive even cash. So it means that if the shooter gets the opposite, they will lose in the game. On the other hand, the Do Not Pass wager is the opposite of the Pass Wager. If you get your point number and not the number seven, you will lose in the game.

Types of Cheating in Craps

Where there is a gambling activity around, cheating will always be present. In the game of craps, cheating is kind of hard to do but people can find ways to do it anyway. Cheating is never encouraged in casinos and in any gambling hall. And the best way to avoid being cheated is to be aware of what to look for. There are two types of cheating in craps and they are known as the low-tech and high-tech cheating. Low-tech cheating is the more common way and is not hard to do. You need to watch out for people in the casino that are always hanging around the craps table rails but they are not really playing. Some of these people might steal your chips while you are entangled in the action of the craps game and not looking on your chips. Because craps is a game that is full of action, most of the time, craps players do forget for a moment their chips lying freely on the craps table rails. Other ways of cheating in craps that is low-tech is other people will attempt to collect your winning bets from the craps table. Because the collection of winnings is the craps player’s sole responsibility, you need to make sure that you are keeping track as to where you lay down your bets on the craps table layout. There are also other craps players who would like to cheat the casino by putting additional bets after the decision of the game have already been made. This way of cheating may not hurt you in a direct way but it is not good to know that you playing at the craps table where cheating is happening. The second type of cheating in craps is the high-tech and the dice are the ones involved in it. Some players will try to slip in a pair of dice that are altered into the craps game. The dice can be loaded meaning one side of the dice are heavier causing a particular dice combination to come out often. There are also crooked dice where some sides of the dice are rounded out and the rest of the sides are flat. This will result in increasing the odds of a particular dice combination. If you suspect that you are playing craps with altered dice, you can do something about it by checking the dice and reporting it to the casino employees that supervised the game of craps. Another high-tech way of cheating is the whip shot, which is hard to do. The dice are rolled out but they must be spinning in a vertical manner without tumbling over as they land on the craps table. But beware because craps supervisors are already trained to detect this kind of cheating and when it happens, the boxman will always call out a “no roll”. To avoid being cheated in craps is to be careful and attentive to what is happening around. Always keep an eye on both of your bets and chips on the craps table rail. And help stop cheating in craps by reporting immediately any shady behavior you see.

Be Acquainted With the Craps Table Personnel

Observing at a craps table, you will notice that there are four craps table personnel in charge of the game. Actually, there are a total of five craps table personnel present in a craps game. There are about four dealers for each craps table wherein three of the dealers are working while the fourth dealer is taking a break. Also present at the craps table is the boxman which serves as the supervisor and doesn’t really belong to a specific group of craps dealers or is not part of the official crew on the craps table. Part of the craps table personnel is the boxman who is an executive employee of the casino and has the full responsibility and control over the craps table. The boxman supervises the course of the craps game and in cases of disputations with regards to the game, the decision of the boxman is honored as the final word. Usually, the boxman is the craps table personnel who is dressed in a suit and tie and is seated at the side of the craps table and the arms of the boxman is guarding the casino chi